About Us

needy children

The Gertrude’s Hospital Foundation was established by the Trustees of Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital, with official registration taking place in September 2010. The Foundation aims to provide treatment, care and support to needy and disadvantaged children, who are located in hard to reach areas and children’s homes in various parts of the country, and rely on free services at the main hospital, the outreach clinics and medical camps.

The main pillars of the Foundation are as follows:

  1. Healthcare services – to provide financial assistance to sick children in the country to enable them afford high quality care.
  2. Support of scientific research and education in Paediatrics.
  3. Purchase of medical equipment and infrastructural development at Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital – so as to improve the level of paediatric care being offered in the country.
  4. Development of community projects to promote health and well-being.


Healthy children, transformed communities, a better world


To provide the best available healthcare services to needy and disadvantaged children in Kenya and the East Africa region through the integration of care, research, education and technology.