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  • How much of my donation will go to the cause?

    100% of donations go towards the current fundraising priority / designated project.

  • How is this achieved?

    The administration costs of the Foundation are covered by the hospital.

  • Do I get tax benefits?

    Gertrude’s Hospital Foundation is an Income Tax Exempt charity organisation under Kenya’s Paragraph 10 to the First Schedule of the Income Tax Act. You may therefore seek 100% tax relief for your donation.

  • Why do children need a dedicated hospital?

    Treating children is a highly specialized process because children are not just small adults. In a dedicated hospital, such as Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital, the health services provided are comprehensive and are geared to meet the needs of all children. The hospital has the skills to provide this level of care and, importantly, the professional staff believe that through teamwork and by harnessing all the medical expertise needed can you really maximize the chances of a child’s recovery. Advanced healthcare, training and research are fundamental elements of these services, as is constant medical self-audit and critical clinical evaluation.

  • Who qualifies to be a beneficiary of the Gertrude’s Hospital Foundation?

    Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital treats young patients who are referred from other parts of Kenya, not only in the capital, Nairobi. These patients are usually needy and disadvantaged children, mostly coming from poor, marginalised communities in hard to reach areas. If you would like to refer a child for treatment, kindly send an email with the social background of the child, as well as the initial medical report detailing the preliminary assessment of the child.