Education & research

Gertrude’s Hospital Foundation continues the mission to build capacity by equipping health care professionals in the field of Paediatrics in Eastern and Southern African countries. This is because professional development is critical in keeping up with advances in medicine and with changes in the delivery of health care. Hence, part of the Foundation’s focus is on helping medical workers develop, maintain and increase their knowledge, skills and professional performance in the provision of services for patients, the public and the profession.

With support from the World Diabetes Foundation, the Endocrinology Fellowship grant has trained over 50 Paediatricians drawn from East and Central Africa. The Future Faces funding provided training opportunities for cleft surgeons. The Regional AIDS Training Network (RATN) provided a grant of USD 25,000 to conduct Emergency Triage Assessment and Treatment PLUS Admission Care (ETAT+) training to healthcare workers in both the public and private sector. The aim of the training was to improve emergency healthcare services to children being offered at Kenyan health facilities through imparting knowledge and skills on simple but effective interventions to the healthcare providers. Over 90 health workers were trained in emergency care over a 6-month period.